REVIT Cayenne Pro Gloves

REVIT Cayenne Pro Gloves


If you’re in search of a great-fitting, fully-protective, amply ventilated short-cuff glove for summer, you can stop looking now because this is it.

Made from supple but still suitably thick goatskin leather, these gloves are built to breathe and deliver the tactile feel of a surgical glove—but they’ve got a lot more armor than your (or our) average motorcycle glove.  

It’s basically a Moto GP glove built for street riding, with a trick wrist strap that cinches and straps down in one fell swoop—using a cam action get a nice snug fit every time.

Each glove has a TPU hard shell and ventilated protector at the knuckles and back of the hand, providing a very reassuring level of protection—especially in such a lightweight, well-vented glove.

it doesn’t come with a touchscreen-friendly coating on the fingertip, per se, the leather at the fingertip is supple enough that once the gloves break it you should be able to operate a smartphone or GPS device without stopping to take the gloves off.