TCX Womens X-Boulevard WP

TCX Womens X-Boulevard WP

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The X-Boulevard boots are designed to give women a leg-up on the bike—bother figuratively, with built-in safety features like ankle armor and reinforced toe and heel counters; and literally, with 1.75” of lift for more confident stand-over.

More than just the boots you should be buying for your special lady-friend, these are boots that said lady friend might even want to buy for herself. They’re stylish, well-made, and ready to ride.

Like all of the TCX “WP” boots, we’re immediately confident these boots won’t give up and let water in. And like the dressy new TCX X-Avenue men’s boots, these are made with high-quality Italian cowhide for a premium look and feel both on and off the bike.

Editorial note: The motorcycle industry is notorious for defining women’s gear with the old “pink-it-and-shrink-it” routine, or some other misguided notion of female moto-empowerment, usually represented by gaggles of underdressed women getting together to ride (a good thing) and hash-tagging #womenwhoride while they set really bad examples for women who actually want to ride (not so great). This boot sets a great benchmark in that it combines protection and performance with style. We stock far more women’s gear than is proportionate for the number of women who walk through the door, in the hopes of actually encouraging more to really, actually be, well, women who ride. We think this boot presents a solid option of something many customers have expressed interested in actually wearing. Less stylish but more functional, also check out the waterproof Women’s specific Aura touring/road boot.

- Full grain leather upper
- Soft touch waterproof membrane lining
- Malleolus inserts
- Reinforced heel and toe counters
- Zipper closure with adjustable leather band
- Sole with specific grip areas
- 1.75" heel
- CE certified