Stylmartin Ace Boots

Stylmartin Ace Boots


The new Ace boots from Stylmartin offer good-looking, well-reinforced boots with some bona-fide motorcycle protection features. They’ve got a reinforced heel cup and top cap, and ankle armor both inside and out.

Moreover they nicely fill a hold in our lineup—this relatively short-cuffed riding boot is one of the few we carry that doesn’t tout waterproofness as a feature, and that’s a good thing for riding or walking in the summer heat.

In lieu of a waterproof membrane sandwiched between the boot’s liner and outer shell, the Ace gets a supple calfskin liner that’s comfortable from Day One, and their quick-access zipper makes slipping in and out of the boots a cinch. 

A rugged, long-wearing sole is bonded to the boot’s upper, which is made of full-grain cowhide that’ll patina up nicely from regular use.

One thing they don’t have is stitched on shifter patch, which is a benefit if you’re looking to fly under the radar. 

The Ace boots do come with an optional shifter protector, and if you both A) plan on using these as business-casual option for the workplace, and B) have a shifter that’s ragged enough to abrade your boot or C) a leaky shift-shaft seal that might leave you with oil-stained leather, and/or D) are diagnosed OCD—then it’s a good thing to have. 

Otherwise, use the boots as regular boots, sans shifter condom. And keep the elastic shifter strap-on for use as an ad hoc eyepatch or slingshot.


- Natural full-grain leather upper
- PU internal malleolus protection on medial and lateral
- Removable elastic shift protector
- Zipper and lace closures
- Anatomic, anti-bacterial, removable footbed
- Oil-proof, anti-static, anti-slip rubber sole