REVIT Marshall WR

REVIT Marshall WR


The Marshall boots from REVIT offer plenty of protection, classic styling, and they are a pleasure to wear whether clomping around town or ticking through the gears.

Built from luxuriously thick full-grain cowhide these boots offer instant reassurance. Not only are they slide-proof, but they’re heavily fortified, too, with generous armor at both the medial and lateral ankle, and well-reinforced heel and toe caps.

The boots are waxed for water resistance and to protect the leather from the elements. And while a tongue gusset goes most of the way up the laces to help ensure water stays out, ultimately they’re not advertised as a waterproof boot—and if you aren’t a fan of sweaty feet, this can be a good thing.

The Marshalls’ will wear naturally and develop their own character and patina. But any shoeshine booth can bring them back to their original luster, and they can pinch hit as a Sunday Best option

A subtle reflective tab at the back of the boot is the only thing that tips these off as anything but a sturdy pair of good looking leather boots.