Saddlebag Supports for Triumph Bonneville

Saddlebag Supports for Triumph Bonneville


These USA-made steel stand-offs are designed for use with a throw-over saddlebag to keep the body and straps of the bag out of the way of the wheel. They're powerdercoatd for durability and come with stainless steel hardware. See the reference images images for easy visual cues as to whether these will work with your Triumph. 

You can but a factory stand-off for Triumphs direct from a Triumph dealer (we’ve heard good things about this one in New Jersey) for $170, or for less than half that you can get a sketchy looking Chinese knock-off on eBay.

We recommend this model instead. It’s still far less than the factory original, and it’s better. This option is made in the USA and includes all the necessary hardware to install in a matter of minutes. It’s fabricated from 1/2 “ steel tubing and powder-coated semi-gloss black. If you’re interested in ordering just a left-side mount for a Triumph Scrambler, shoot us an email at and we’ll break up a set for you.

Note: These are stand-offs designed to keep bags and flaps/straps from interfering with your wheel. Ideally used with a Kriega saddlebag or OS Series bag, or an Ortlieb type bag—all of which come with straps to cantilver the one bags weight against the other, across the seat. They're not designed to be a standalone weight-bearing rack.

For something more heavy-duty we reccomend something like this model from Hepco Becker.


> Complete with all necessary mounting hardware
> Fabricated with 1/2 inch steel tubing, MIG welded
> Finished with a semi gloss black industrial grade powder coat
> Keeps luggage from swinging into the rear tire and shock
> Comes with left and right side racks, each side weighs 2 lbs