Touratech Ortlieb Speed Bags

Touratech Ortlieb Speed Bags


On and off road, the waterproof and dustproof Speedbags with side-roll closure are a great universal option for just about any bike design. Their low profile is a perfect match for most scramblers, enduros or touring bikes with high exhaust pipes.

The rigid self-supporting construction eliminates the need for a traditional rack, and as such these panniers can be easily fixed with the broad Velcro and straps to the passenger seat, a rear strap, and two forward straps that usually fasten around a passenger peg or shock mount, depending on the bike. The design offers plenty of storage space (approx 46 liters) without compromise for the passenger. And it comes off in seconds, with comfortable carrying handles delivering easy transport and handling.

For even more storage space check out the 52-liter Ortlieb Saddlebags, which have very much the same design but are more rectangular than tubular shaped—better for transporting a couple bags of grocereies, but too big for bikes with high pipes.

Further details: Thermo-moulded rear side for structure, zippered inner pocket with organizer, reflector for increased safety in rain, fog, and in the dark. Easy-clean inside.

*Note: Since we started carrying these bags in 2015 Touratech has since taken over the license to produce Ortlieb Moto Bags. All bags now come with the double-triangle Touratech logo, as show in the first photo, and the last few photos. Otherwise the bags' construction and details remain 100% the same as ever, built in the same German factory as the original bags.