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Sideburn Magazine


Sideburn bills itself as the world’s best Go Fast, Turn Left Magazine. And we tend to agree.

This British magazine is ostensibly focused on oval dirt track racing, but you don’t need to be a flat track buff to appreciate it. Sideburn’s interviews, bike features and regular departments (the “Trophy Queen” back page feature should win an award for back page features) are all exceedingly accessible, even for those who’ve never been to a flat track race. Which, let’s admit, is a vast majority of the population.

The tradition of British motorcycle journalism has a pedigree that goes back to the dawn of motorcycling, and Sideburn editor Gary Inman can certainly hold his own.

He comes armed with a long background in moto journalism and a clear love of motorcycles going back even farther. He regularly contributes to UK-based Bike and Motorcycle Performance, among a list of various other publications. He’s also a monthly columnist for Rolling Stone Italy (a title he previously held at GQ Italy.)

Sideburn offers a refreshing antidote to the sterility of the mainstream motorcycle press, which tends to stray too often towards advertiser-driven content made up of mind-numbing, number-crunching reviews of bikes nobody really cares about.

But you won’t find any Power Cruiser shoot-outs in these pages.

“I even like how it smells,” says Union Garage’s own Henry Carter, who’s been collecting Sideburn since before we opened the store. “There’s a tactile experience with magazines you just can’t get from going online. Motorcycling is fun, and Sideburn makes it more fun by covering stuff I want to read about,”

Sideburn also puts on Dirt Quake, a circus-like dirt track event that sees its 5th rendition summer 2016 in England. Last year Portland’s See See Motorcycles brought the event to Oregon for Dirt Quake USA.

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