Mellow Smoke Clear (stock shield) Light Smoke Dark Smoke Yellow Blue Iridium - Add $32.40 Chrome Mirror - Add $32.40 Gold Iridium - Add $32.40 Orange. Yes, Orange. *Pinlock insert sold separately!

Shoei RF-1200 CWR-1 Shield


The advent of the CWR-1 shield is one of the highlights of the RF-1200. It's ribbed deisgn creates a nice little pocket for the pinlock insert to notch into, and it also gives the shield some rigidity and structure. We stock the usual suspects here—the three shades of tinted shields, which go from mellow (lightest), light, and then dark. We also stock yellow, which delivers super-hero vision-aiding powers when rolling through roads under overcast or foggy skies.

Of course you could (and we highly reccomend you do) skip all the rigamarole and invest in a life-bettering Transitions shieldwhich darkens automatically as conditiond dicate; yet at night, or partway throgh a long tunnel, it automtaically transitions to crystal clear.

Note: Pinlock Insert Lens sold separately. In fact, it's available here.