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S100 Motorcycle Cleaners


The S100 line of cleaners and polishes has the go-to cleaning product of the motorcycle industry for decades. The company’s various products have been shared by word-of-mouth for years. The lineup includes three standout products. 

Total  Cycle Cleaner
The first spray-on, rinse-off cleaner developed especially for motorcycles, S100 this magic-in-a-can creeps in to every nook and cranny of your bike to thoroughly clean it without scrubbing. It’s safe and effective for the entire bike - not just the motor. Safe on all cycle surfaces - paint, chrome, alloy, plastic, rubber, bearings, O-rings and more. Non-acid, pH controlled, contains corrosion inhibitors, and is biodegradable. 

S100 Detail And Wax
In between full cleanings when you just need to knock off the dust, mud spatter and bugs, reach for this little spray bottle—which cleans quickly and thanks to a blend of beeswax and Canauba leaves a UV-protectant finish that’ll immediately up your shine and help keep your bike clean. Just spray a bit on a soft cloth or onto the bike's surface and rub to a high gloss. Pack a can in the saddlebag and you're ready for a dusty road or that surprise rain shower. No wonder an independent test rated S100 Detail + Wax “... the most consistent performer of all”.

Special Surfaces Cleaner
S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner is a streak-free, waterless wash that cleans plastic windshields, face shields, visors, instruments and fairings. Wipe away bugs, rain spots, and road film instantly. The plastic surfaces on motorcycles are prone to getting dusty and dirty because they’re open to the elements. Dirty, dull plastics shine up like new with this waterless spray-on, wipe off cleaner. Use it on fairings, helmets, visors, instruments and windshields. Bugs, rain spots and road film disappear leaving nothing but a nice clear surface Safe for use on polycarbonate and acrylics such as Lexan, Lucite, Plexiglas, fiberglass, etc.



This *amazing* promotional video from S100 illustrates the pump-style version of the Total Cycle Cleaner. The red aerosol version that we sell, while worse for the environment, works way better.) Thank you, mysterious old man. Thank you...