RAM Mount Tough Claw X-Grip

RAM Mount Tough Claw X-Grip


Behold, the quickest and easiest way to attach any modern smartphone to the handlebars of your motorcycle. Yes, it’ll even hold the massive iPhone 6-Plus.

We’re big fans of RAM Mount. These USA made components offer rugged reliability and practical functionality. Sure, they’re a bit on the beefy side, but they’re proven to work. We’ve mounted our own precious smartphone devices on our bars and ridden around the pothole-plagued, Beirut-like streets of Brooklyn well over the new 25mph speed limit and this X-Grip mount is rock solid.

Previously all RAM Mounts used a system approach, where you’d have to purchase at least three separate components—a bar mount, one of three length extensions, and then a X-Grip mount or dedicated device cradle. Now, it’s all one piece, and it snaps on and off your bars without the need for any hand tools.

The downside? You'll still need to use a system-approach setup if you want to run the cupholder, or a device-specific cradle. But otherwise, there's not much downside to this model. It’s never been easier to snap your phone onto your handlebars for use as a GPS device, or simply to have a heads-up display during your ride. And the whole shebang comes off the bike with the turn of a thumb screw.