Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount

Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount


The Motorcycle Mount from Quad Lock is the company’s first official attempt to make a motorcycle specific product, and is a welcome addition to the line for those with handlebar cockpic configurations that no't allow for the company's other mounts.

Quad Lock launched in Australia a few years back as a bicycle accessories brands, and we’ve been huge fans of their phone cases and existing handlebar-mount solutions ever since we discovered them.

The company’s Bike/Bar mount (which incidentally works great on a bicycle, too,) is still our favorite option for securing a Quad Lock phone case (or a Universal Adapter-equipped 3rd party case), to a motorcycle. But if you don’t have any available real estate in the center of the handlebars, this Motorcycle Mount is a welcome addition. And as another option—and the only one that will work for most scooters—the new Mirror Mount rounds out the product line, and gives everyone an option for getting a phone mounted to their bike’s cockpit. 

- Secure: Patented Dual Stage Locking Mount
- Convenient: Use Navigation Apps on the go
- Discrete: Small mount size
- Versatile: Offers multiple mounting configurations, with or without the extension arm
- Fit bar sizes ⅞” (22mm), 1” (25mm), 1-⅛” (28mm), 1-¼” (32mm)
- Compatible will all Quad Lock Cases and the Universal Adaptor