Powertye Cam Tie-Down

Powertye Cam Tie-Down


Powertye is a company that does one thing, and does it well: making tie-down straps and accessories in its own manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California.

The company makes a wide range of tie-down products for all sorts of applications, but in terms of motorcycles—moving one on a trailer, in the back of a pickup, or just strapping one down to a workbench—these 1” Nylon strap products hit the sweet spot for most riders’ needs.

This standard tie-down strap is great for quickly cinching down a motorcycle for transport. You can loop the vinyl-coated S-hooks around most standard handlebars, but we highly recommend using either the Sheepskin Soft Ties (also made by Powertye), or the fabled “Canyon Dancer,” the name of which is easy to make fun of, but the product is simply damn hard to beat. It cleverly distributes the load to the handgrips of any motorcycle, bypassing windscreens and fairing pieces and providing a direct tether line from the ends of a handlebar (clip-on or otherwise) to a forward tie-down point in a truck, trailer or workbench.

The cam buckle assemblies on these straps are rated for 400lbs apiece, and are easier and less cumbersome to use than the beefier Tyedown Ratchet Straps. Yet they're still plenty strong for securing most naked bikes (even beefy BMW's) for transport or during service.


1" wide cam buckle
Vinyl-coated S-hooks
4,500 lb. test nylon webbing
400 lb. rated assembly
Doubled-up security stitching
5½ ft. length
Sold in pairs