Pinlock Earplug Kit

Pinlock Earplug Kit


From the maker of the most ingenious and—we say—crucial helmet feature of all time—the company that makes shields which provide 100% fog-free vision, and is found on all our SHOEI helmets, is now is helping your ears as well as your eyes.

These Pinlock earplugs offer noise reduction up to 24 DB (ANSI and ECE certified), and can be used in combination with an Intercom system. Their unique filter system allows for air-flow into the ear minimizing irritation and the hot-ear feeling (and in worst-case, imbalance) that can come with using disposable air-blocking earplugs.

Made out of silicone-free medical grade TPE these come in two plug size options to ensure a precise fit. The filter helps eliminate irritating noise like wind and engine noises down to a safe rate while still allowing conversation and emergency sirens into the ears. These earplugs provide the best protection between 1kHz and 2kHz, optimal for protecting against wind and helmet-generated noise.

The filters are replaceable and the plugs are reusable and have fully washable tips.

> 100% developed and manufactured in the Netherlands and Individually tested and approved using the latest in sound technology
> Includes 2 filters, 2 medium earplugs and 2 large earplugs
> Re-usable
> Non toxic
> Easy to follow instructions
> Silicone Free
> Includes ear plug case with key and card holder