MotoPumps Deluxe Tire inflator

MotoPumps Deluxe Tire inflator


There are plenty of 12-volt mini tire inflators on the market. Plenty even that will plug into a Battery Tender lead that's likely already installed on your bike.

This one costs a little more than most, but with a five-year warranty and a bevy of choice features, we feel it’s more than worth the coin.

The backlit pressure gauge is easy to read, and compared to the U.S. made Milton tire pressure gauge we sell and stock in our tool roll, it’s pretty damn accurate, too. This device has a secondary LED light built into the chamber where the flexible air hose stows, making it a snap to use in the dark.

Another nice touch is the brass zero-loss connector that’s knurled for easy on/off action. It’s easy to use regardless of brake rotor or valve orientation, and creates very little of the dreaded pfffft-effect air loss when disengaging the unit after a top-off. The whole unit is super efficient—drawing just 5amps—so even complete fill-ups  won’t wear your battery down appreciably.

Also note the nice, long power cord—a full 6.5 feet. Plus the air hose is 3 feet, affording plenty of room to work with. 

It also comes with a clever convertible adapter with a cigarette lighter that can be transformed in a snap into a BMW MicroPort plug. This adapter adds another 3 feet, so if you need to use in in a car or truck it’ll reach from the dash to all four wheels without any issue. 

The MotoPump unit measures 2″ x 4.75″ x 5.75″ and weighs just 18oz. Each one comes with a padded neoprene case with two zippered compartments. Use the smaller chamber for storing a tire gauge and a patch kit or plugs. This device does require you to have a Battery Tender lead on you bike—which if you don’t already own, you should. They’re less than $10 (or they come included with a Battery Tender charger) and allow use of the handy USB charger adapter or the Volt-meter accessory plug, as well as the easy ability to top off your bike's battery.

The MotoPump is built in an ISO9001/14001, TUV Certified Factory, it’s RoHS compliant and CE certified. We have no idea what that all means but we’ve talked to the owner of the company and he seems like a solid guy and avid rider who clearly has put a lot of thought into this little unit. The company is based in upstate New York and its five-year warranty seals the deal.