Lockstrap Carabineer Helmet Lock

Lockstrap Carabineer Helmet Lock


The carabineer measures 6.5 x 3 inches and is made of hardened #64 steel. It can easily stow away in a back pocket or bottom of a backpack, and can quickly be deployed to lock a helmet or two securely onto your rig. It also happens to work well with the plastic locking grommets found on the premium Nelson Rigg motorcycle covers we sell. 

The locking mechanism can be set to any three-digit combination in a matter of seconds. Simply open the locking jaw (the unit comes set to “000”) and depress the set-pin with a ballpoint pen while you adjust the gear wheels to your desired combination.

To lock a helmet, or two helmets, simply loop the carabineer through the D-ring strap used on most U.S. market helmets and secure it to your handlebars or the frame of your motorcycle.

How strong is it? The company also makes locking ratchet straps that’ll secure a full-sized motorcycle strapped down into the back of a truck. For liability they’re officially rated for 500 pounds each but the company says they’ve proven good for a full ton under testing.

*Pro tip: Set one digit at a time and check your work, because if you fumble in the middle of setting your combination you might lose track and miss-set it.