Kriega US-20 Kriega US-10 Kriega US-10 Kriega US-20 Kriega US-20 Kriega US-30 -- the Big Mutha Optional frame-tabs attach to a sub-frame and live under the seat until called to duty. Two up. These little plastic clips are key for keeping straps from flapping in the wind, and possibly flaying your paint We've had yet to see one of these buckles break Kriega US-20 seen here fixed to the included optional frame tab-straps.. Stack these suckers like Legos - on the side or up top This is a little ridiculous but you get the point. Photo:

Kriega US Series Drybags


The US series drybags from Kriega deliver fully-functional waterproof storage solutions specifically designed to be fastened down to just about any motorcycle. They come in 10-, 20- and 30-liter configurations—each of which can be fastened down on top of or onto the side of another Kriega US series bag or just about any Kriega backpack.

For example: use a US-30 as a tailpack and then stack a US-10 or US-20 onto the top, or a pair of each onto the side. Mix and match depending on how much storage you need. And you can also fasten one or more to your tank with the Kriega tankbag adapter, a smart universal tank harness worth its weight in gold.

“US” stands for universal system. Basically, build these suckers like Legos onto the back (or tank) of just about any bike. 

Each bag comes with four straps with quick-clips on one end and aluminum buckles on the other end for securing and cinching down. Notably, each strap also has two strap clips built into it, to secure the ends of the nylon webbing so they don’t flap around in the breeze.

On bikes with exposed sub-frames or an easily accessed rack, simply loop these straps around them selves to form a mini noose, then cinch down, stow the strap ends into their clips, and go.

You might also opt to use the included permanent tab-straps. These will affix semi-permanently to a bike’s sub-frame and provide looped tabs to secure your packs aluminum clips to. When not in use, these tab-straps can be rolled neatly out of the way underneath most seat setups.

Each drybag comes with a removable waterproof liner that can be removed for easy cleaning—or in a pinch, used as a secondary bag to house, say, a load of laundry or a bag of ice for ad hoc cooler duty.

Also note that both the US-20 and US-30 come with additional shoulder straps and a waist belt, and can be worn as a destination bag slung over one shoulder. And for added security attach the deployable waist belt (with a quick-release clip), which even if you don’t use it as a waist belt can come in handy for lashing assorted other items to the back of a bike. (Firewood run, anyone?)

We’ve become big fans of the award-winning drybag series. The UK-based company has taken the time to think through what motorcyclists need in a pack. Yes, it’s a lot of straps and buckles to contend with, but the learning curve is short and the tradeoff for a minute or two of fiddling is the best moto-specific soft luggage system on the market.