Dynaplug Ultralite Tire Repair Kit Replacement plugs sold separately.

Dynaplug Ultralite Tire Repair Kit


This brilliant little compact tire plug kit is entirely self-contained, with a push-on silicone end-cap that seals and stores spare repair plugs and other accessories inside the handle.

Dynaplug contends that most punctures from errant nails or screws usually are sized up to about 3/16” in diameter, or smaller, and that’s the range where this tool is meant to shine.

It works like this—first fix the steel insertion tube to the end of the handle. Then load a repair plug, made of a proprietary viscoelastic rubber-impregnated cord mounted to a pointed, non-abrasive brass tip that helps ensures ease of insertion. Then yank the tool away, leaving the shank of the brass insertion tip to catch the inside of the tire.  Trickle a little water over the hole, and if the leak persists simply add an adjacent plug to seal the deal. Dynaplug advises no more than four plugs for a single hole. Once the leak is stopped, trim the cord flush with the surface of the tire.

This system differs than the traditional reamer and eyelet-hook with gummy rubber strips and sometimes a bottle of vulcanized glue in that, well it doesn’t need any of that stuff. No reamers (which Dynaplug contends can cause further damage to tires), no glue, no need for multiple tools.

And now, the psychological experiment—do you want the shiny handle milled form billit aircraft 6061 aluminum, or the “carbon” version, which is a glass-filled nylon that is half the weight—18 grams versus 36 grams for the alloy.

Both do exactly the same thing, but only one will satisfy that latent attraction for bright shiny objects. And if you need something more concrete to justify your purchase—the alloy tool comes with one extra tire plug, which are otherwise available in refill packs of 5 for $9.99.

Each tool also comes with a pipe cleaner which, when used with rubbing alcohol, or gasoline in a pinch, will help clear out the insertion tube for smooth and worry free Plug-and-Pray action.

> The Carbon Ultralite Kit includes: 1 insertion tube, 3 tubeless tire repair plugs, 1 pipe cleaner.
> The Aluminum Ultralite Kit includes: 1 insertion tube, 4 tubeless tire repair plugs, 1 pipe cleaner.  

Download the full official Dynaplug Instructions here.