Canyon Dancer Bar Harness Standard Black

Canyon Dancer Bar Harness Standard Black


Behold, the fabled “Canyon Dancer,” the name of which is easy to make fun of, but the product is simply damn hard to beat.

This simple looking device cleverly distributes the load of a tie-down strap to the handgrips of any motorcycle, bypassing windscreens and fairing pieces and providing a direct tether line from the ends of a handlebar (clip-on or otherwise) to a forward tie-down point in a truck, trailer or workbench.


Installation notes from the manufacturer:

  1. > Inspect the Bar-Harness for signs of weakening or fraying of the sewing or webbing. Call for free replacement if the integrity of the Bar-Harness is compromised in any way.
  2. > Grasp one cuff in each hand and pull apart far enough to slip first one cuff, then the other, over the handlebar grips. Be sure the cuffs are all the way on, up to, but not over any switch gear. You will notice it is necessary to rotate either cuff 180 degrees toward the front or rear so that the cross straps hang from the bottom of the cuffs. This will cause a twist in the cross straps, which is normal. Next, pull out on the ends of the straps until they are snug and the cuffs are all the way on the grips.
  3. > You will now be able to install your own tie-down hooks into the loops at the ends of the straps.
  4. > The hooks at the other end of your tie-downs should be secured in position to triangulate the support of the motorcycle.
  5. > Additional tie-downs are highly recommended and should be attached nearer the rear of the motorcycle (possibly to exposed frame tubes or grab handles). The ideal situation is to tie the weight of the motorcycle downward so as to take the weight of the motorcycle out of the equation, then all the Bar-Harness has to do is keep the bike upright, causing less stress on motorcycle components.