Bell Transitions Photochromic Shield

Bell Transitions Photochromic Shield


The Transitions brand Photochromic shield reacts to sunlight and automatically darkens when needed.  At night it will remain clear, in full sun it will quickly go into full smoke mode, and for overcast skies the tint will hover somewhere in between.

And if the sun suddenly disappears, the shield will transition from dark to clear faster than you can say Lincoln Tunne

Results may vary somewhat in colder conditions, as the silver halide particles that make the magic happen get somewhat gummed up as the mercury drops. But that one quibble aside, if you have a helmet that will work with this shield (a $110 Qualifier, a  $180 Vortex, a $400 RS-1 or a $550 Star or Star Carbon) then this is, quite simply, one of the best upgrades money can buy.

We’re as frugal as the next shopper, but rationalize the Transitions Shield price tag this way: A replacement clear shield costs $40. A light smoke shield: another $40. Dark Smoke? $40. Get three-in-one, minus the rigmarole of carrying around and swapping out shields depending on the time of day.

In fact, this product works so well it renders Bell’s otherwise brilliant quick-change hinge mechanism somewhat redundant—because this is the last shield you’ll ever need to purchase.