Battery Tender LCD Voltmeter

Battery Tender LCD Voltmeter


If you’ve got a Battery Tender for keeping your bike’s battery topped off (you should really have one) then you’re already likely got a lead coming off your battery to plug this nifty little gadget into. If not we sell them separately for $9.

Quite simply, it’s got three LED lights—green, yellow, red—to indicate whether your batter is good, bad, or ugly. This thing is designed for use on 12v Flooded, AGM and Gel batteries. Get an exact reading by pushing the button, which will display for 10 seconds before toggling off.

With an SAE-to-SAE extension cord you can even run this thing to your handlebars if needed. Or swap out with the Battery Tender USB charger and keep your mobile devices handy and dandy.

Optimized to +/-0.1 volt between 3 to 16 volts, the red LED flashes when voltage is low, green when you’re greater than 12 volts, and yellow if you’re running between 11.6 to 12 volts.