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Aviator T2 Goggles

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The modern-classic T2 goggles are the most popular goggle in Leon Jeantet's lineup. They offer interchangeable polycarbonate lenses and can accommodate small to mid-sized prescription eyewear. Silicone inside the elastic strap keeps the goggles in place, and chrome trim around the shatter-proof lenses keep things classy. They come in a molded plastic frame with built in ventilation and a great peripheral field of view.

Supple leather padding makes an airtight seal on the wearer’s face, and they’ll fit over prescription frames up to 1 5/8 inches tall and width 5.5 inches wide.

Lenses are easily interchangeable with replaceable polycarbonate lenses that meet the ANSI Z87.1 ballistic shatterproof standard we recommend for motorcycle use. Upgrade lenses are offered in clear, yellow, "grey" smoke and blue iridium. 

To change lenses, you’ll need a flat-bladed jewelers screwdriver. There are two screws securing the twin metal trim strips. Take great care when removing each screw as the clam-shell metal trim strip acts as a perfect catapult, launching the 2mm micro screw into a tufted carpet and out of your life. Once safely removed, the trim strip opens and can be removed and set aside. Its role is mostly cosmetic, although it does help reinforce the overall structure. Once removed, the lens can be pushed out by grasping the goggle in both hands and pushing firmly with your thumbs. Think: Ski or standard motocross goggle.

*Note: The T2 and T3 goggles are 99% identical. The difference is that the T2 is supposedly the more eyeglass compatible of the two. Its padding has a slightly lower profile, and has slits on each temple to allow a thin-framed pair of prescription glasses through. If you're not a glasses wearer, the T3 goggle offers a slightly fuller "gasket" surface where the leather/suede goggle padding meets the wearer's face. Click on the image in the carousel to see a side-by-side with a T2 and T3. If you wear glasses, get the T2. But even if you don't, they're basically the same thing. Can't go wrong. Unless you wear large-frame prescription glasses, then neither will fit. Clear as mud?

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