Antigravity Micro Start Battery Harness

Antigravity Micro Start Battery Harness


This product attaches to your battery to provide you with an easy-to-use proprietary plug-in lead for any of Antigravity's brilliant Micro Start battery jump-starters—for those times when your battery just doesn't have enough juice to get you started. 

In a way, installing this on your bike is admitting defeat. If you have to jump start your bike so often you need a dedicated jump-start cable, then you should probably sort out your electrical gremlines.

But in another way, there's really no good reason not to have this product installed on your bike. It provides a thick-gauge wired connection direct to your battery. No more fumbling with the bit aligator clips. And on some bikes, accessing the battery is damn near impossible to do, so this convenient lead makes it easy. Plus, it comes with a nifty adapter to let you use the beefy connector to charge your bike with a Battery Tender trickle charger, or use the ubiquitous Battery Tender USB charger adapter which lets you charge any smart-phone or other USB-powered device directly from your motorcycle).

Getting this harness also means one less thing to have to pack, by allowing you to ditch the aligator clips. While that means you can't as easily help out friends or random stranded riders quite as easily, in a pinch you could always temporarily install this harness onto any other battery.

 This thing can save you money in the long-run, too. Every once in a while if you're not super careull with an Antigravity Micro-Start's spring-loaded aligator jumper clips, one can slip off, causing the power to arc and blowing the adapter (while protecting the battery) and requiring a replacement. We sell the replacements, but with this device, you don't need them.