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Antigravity Micro Start


The Micro-Start line of portable jump-start ready batters are one of our favorite accessories. Anyone who has ever been stranded with a bike that won’t turn over fast enough on a freezing cold morning (or who just left he parking light on) will immediately realize the benefits of a portable jump-starter that fits in the bottom of any backpack. Go for the iPhone-sized XP-5, and you can even store the device under the seat of many a motorcycle. Not just an emergency starter, these brilliant little batteries also will keep you phone, GPS or GoPro topped off. Plus they have a built-in flashlight and come with a swank pleather carrying case. Not just bikes, these suckers will start up any 12-volt vehicle. We’ve had success starting a million-mile 6-cyclinder Jeep Cherokee with a completely dead battery (dome light, d’oh) with the smallest of these starters—the XP-5—when it was showing only half a charge on the built-in battery level indicator. Essential for road trips, being a hero, and saving you from yourself. Worth. The. Coin.


// The XP-10—Big Momma
This long, flat brick of a battery is the most powerful in the AntiGravity Lineup. It’s the only one in the lineup to offer dual USB outlets, plus a 19V outlet with a slew of adapters for PC laptops and various other electrical odds and sods. (Note: none of these will charge a Mac laptop, which use Apple’s own proprietary voltage spec.) A little big for the pocket, this is a great choice for anyone looking to charge multiple devices at once. And with its highest-in-class 18,000 mAh rating and 600-Amp peak jump start spec, this thing’s rated for up to 8-liter Diesle engines. This means anyone on a road trip with a phone and a GoPro or other POV camera. For daily carry around town and through life, this one’s a little overkill – check out the XP-5 below, instead.

- 300 Amp- 600 peak Amp jump starting ability
- Weighs 18 ounces
- 9″L x 3.0″W x 1.25″H
- 18,000mAh of power

 // The XP-3—Goldilocks (Newly Improved with Dual USB Ports!)

We don’t know how Antigravity came up with their naming convention, but the XP-3 middle childe (sitting size- and price-wise in between the big XP-10 and the micro XP-5) is the clear best-seller. It packs appreciably more juice than the iPhone sized XP-5 and is still small enough to stow away unobtrusively in a backpack or pack pocket. Replacing another product of the same name, the new XP-3 features dual USB ports and an updated case that's tougher than its predecessor. 

- 200 Amp- 400 peak amp jump starting ability
- Weighs 10.5oz
- 6”L x 3”W x 1”H
- 8,000mAh of power

// The XP-5—The "MINI" - Small and Smart
This unit is the smallest in the family, but it’s no runt. About the size of an iPhone 6 (shorter, but slightly wider, and barely thicker), the XP-5 can recharge said iPhone 2-4 times, AND start up to 3,000cc 4-stroke engines. We’ve proven this one on our own dead cars and bikes and the form factor of this pipsqueak makes it easily the most carry-able of the lot.

- 150A / Peak 300A jump starting ability
- Weighs 8oz
- 5"L x 2.8"W x 0.5"H
- 6,000mAh of power