Lee Parks Design DeerTours PCI

Lee Parks Design DeerTours PCI


Improving on the best-selling standard DeerTours, these PCI-equipped gloves come with an Outlast phase-change material liner, which gives them an ultra-wide temperature range—from 35 to 75 degrees. When your hands are cold, the liner acts like insulation and keeps heat in. When your hands get hot, it acts as a heat sink and pulls heat away.

And when used with heated grips the material pulls the heat from the grips and distributes it around the hand—which addresses a major fault with many insulated gloves on the market, which actually insulate the rider from the heat of the grips. Most of the Grade-A American deerskin used to make these gloves winds up in Italy as the material of choice for high-end women's handbags.

Don't let that distinction fool you though, this 2.75-plus-ounce deerskin may be supple and offer surgical-glove-like dexterity, but it's still more abrasion-resistant than cowhide. And that's just part of what make these superior riding gloves. Unlike cowhide that can shrink or stiffen after they get wet, deerskin stays soft and supple through years of regular use.

These gloves are sewn together with double-duty thread, which won't pull through leather like Kevlar thread will. And note the seamless palm construction—which eliminates the vulnerable thumb seam found on most every motorcycle-specific leather glove—and on a lot of gloves claiming to be motorcycle specif. Cap it all off with double-thick deerskin panels on the palm and top of the hand, and a secure strap to make sure these gloves stay in place in the event of a slide, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable, more effective, better looking motorcycle glove. PCI-equipped DeerTours are available in black only, in sizes XXS through XXXL.

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