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Hondo Garage

Hondo Garage is a design and manufacturing company based out of Bozeman, Montana. Most of its products are high-end photography implements aimed at professional filmmakers looking to hop up their cameras with anodized bits and bobs. And then owner Wiley Davis wanted to mount his phone to his dirtbike and found he wasn’t in love with the available options. So he made his own.

Meet the Perfect Squeeze, a minimalist design made specifically for the rigors of riding a motorcycle off-road at full tilt. And if it can survive washboard dirt roads on a burly adventure bike at speed, it’ll handle most any on-road/off-road combination of conditions you can throw at it. But for all that muscle the Perfect squeeze remains uber minimalist, taking up very little room on the handlebar with a diminutive size that belies its brute force clamp strength. It can be attached with one of two different Hondo Garage alloy mounts, or bolt a RAM Mount ball onto the back and unlock a world of mounting options.