Gerbing 12V Vanguard Heated Glove

Gerbing 12V Vanguard Heated Glove


When it comes to cold weather riding, heated grips will get you partway to comfortable. Glove liners will give add a modicum of extra comfort. 7-volt battery powered gloves will keep you decently warm, while the batteries last. But nothing comes close to the power of 12 motorcycle-generated volts of electricity coursing through stainless steel Microwire filament, keeping your hands from going numb in the cold. Plus, considering that manual dexterity of both the left and right hand are vital to braking and working the clutch, it's not just a measure of how tough you are or where your pain threshold starts and ends—having the right heated gloves can make the difference between life and death when it comes to pushing into the off-season weather.

Compared to its little sibling the short-cuff Hero glove, this model gets the added coverage and protection of a full gauntlet, plus some abrasion resistant Super-Fabric-like material at the palm and on the outside of the pinky digit. A premium Aniline cowhide leather construction with knuckle protection, Aquatex breathable waterproof liner, 150g of Thinsulate insulation and a slim Velcro cuff keeps your hands uber warm and dry yet retains a sporty appearance that tucks neatly under (or over) your jacket cuff.

You'll want to pick up a temperature controller to manage power output. We highly recommend going with a dual-zone setup so you can control jacket and gloves separately. If you're buying the gloves on their own you'll need a wiring harness for your battery, and a Y-cable to connect the gloves. But if you get a 12-volt jacket liner, the wiring harness is included and the jacket comes with pre-wired sleeves for no-hassle glove compatibility. 

Glove Features: 

-Premium Aniline cowhide leather construction
-Microwire heating throughout glove, including to the tip of every finger
-Aquatex breathable water resistant membrane
-150 grams of Thinsulate insulation
-Leather covered, high-impact TPU knuckle protection
-Pre-curved ergonomic fit
-Impact protected gel pads at palm
-Reflective piping
-Touchscreen compatible index finger
-Adjustable VELCRO® brand wrist closure
-Cuff length optimized for under-jacket fitment