RSD Hefe Jacket

RSD Hefe Jacket


The Hefe jacket features a heavy-duty material spec in the torso (70% Denim, 30% Kevlar) and fuses it with plentifully thick Buffalo leather at the sleeves, which are articulated and pre-curved for a comfortable fit on the bike. And while we don’t necessarily recommend doing so (see rant below) the sleeves can be zipped off if so desired.

All told, while in it’s full form, the Hefe makes for a striking piece. It’s hard to not blend into the crowd for armored leather riding jackets these days, but the Hefe manages to stand out respectably, without sacrificing looks, protection, or functionality.

Like all RSD jackets it has been bestowed with generous interior pocketing and a nice smooth inside liner.

Unlike legacy RSD jackets, which come with pockets for armor, but don’t include it, the Hefe comes with both shoulder and elbow armor as part of the retail price.

Union Garage has long maintained a philosophical gear grudge against selling vests, and we will continue to do so. We consider arms to be an important part of one’s upper body, as deserving of protection as one’s legs. Incidentally we don’t sell vests for the same reason we don’t sell shorts. 

But this one snuck in the back door. In fact we’re adding this jacket to the catalog despite the fact its sleeves zip off, transitioning it into optional vest mode.

> Heavy-weight Kevlar / waxed denim
Matte Buffalo leather (1.0-1.1mm thickness) sleeves

> Quilted satin poly mesh body lining and soft lined electronics security pocket
> Rotated pre-curved sleeves
> Center front rubberized shank snaps

> Front welt zip pockets
> Adjustable waist tabs and zip close sleeve cuffs
> Classic fit with pre-curved sleeves, rotated shoulders
> Ships with CE approved level 1 elbows and shoulder armor included
> Armor ready back protector pocket for RSD back protector

 *Note: This RSD jacket is being offered as a pre-order item. We expect to have these new jackets in by the end of the August and they’ll ship on a first-come/first-served basis. As a bonus for your early adoption, we’ll happily send out a Union Garage Hat or T-shirt of your choice with your order. Just purchase the pre-order item and we’ll follow up with your preference of swag.