Alpinestars Polar GTX

Alpinestars Polar GTX

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This leather/textile shorty packs plenty of punch for wet or chilly commuting or longer rides out of town. In short, this is probably one of the most capably spec’d short-cuff winter riding gloves we’ve seen. Insulated, waterproof, iPhone friendly.

What’s it for? City commuting in crappy, shoulder season weather. Or street riding or touring in cold and wet early season outings, and again in the fall, before you either put your bike away or pull out heated gear. The short cuff means they’ll play nice with a wide range of jackets, and the touchscreen-enabled fingertips will let you operate a phone or GPS without stopping to take a glove off.

A note on winter riding: If it’s 30 degrees and pissing rain you probably shouldn’t be on a motorcycle because the road’s bound to have icy spots and unless you’ve got a death wish those conditions are just inhospitable. But the Polar handles everything up to that point petty damn well.

If you want to get the absolute warmest insulated Gore-Tex glove we have, check out the REVIT Fusion, extra insulation in a full gauntlet construction. But sometimes you don’t want to break out the full gauntlet. Sometimes it’s nice to have a shorty that’ll slide into the sleeve of whatever jacket you’re wearing without sacrificing much in the way of warmth and performance over a full going-to-war gauntlet.

The Polar sports 100 grams of Thininsulate insulation to help keep you precious warmth in, and a full Gore-Tex liner to help keep the water out, while still offering a degree of breathability.  Or so that’s the claim of Gore-Tex, which is bold enough to proclaim “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” on the tag that comes attached to these gloves.

Will they eventually take on water if you subject them to driving rain at highway speeds for hours on end? Probably, and if they do, Gore-Tex will replace them. But just to manage expectations we recommend sticking within these gloves’ intended range.  For cold-weather city commuting and light touring in the sloppy shoulder seasons, these gloves are hard to beat.

These gloves have a goatskin palm for dexterity that’s reinforced with synthetic leather patches, knuckle protector reinforcements along the heel of the hand. They also have trademark Alpinestars feature in the conjoined ring and pinky fingers, which is designed to prevent breaking said pinky off in a lowside.

Throw in a wind-blocking neoprene cuff and subtle reflective hits on the fingers and knuckles and this becomes an urban MVP for anyone who finds themselves riding a motorcycle in cold and/or wet weather.