Alpinestars Tech-Air Street Vest

Alpinestars Tech-Air Street Vest


Although Tech-Air Street Jackets have been available in Europe for over a year now, the product line is just coming to America this fall. That’s right, it’s not officially available until the end of August, but we have a limited time opportunity to skip the line, show, tell, and sell Tech-Air through via our June Alpinestaras Pop-Up. 

The Tech-Air airbag technology developed by Alpinestars through its MotoGP racers is now available to we mere mortal everyday riders with the new range of Tech-Air Street jackets.

It all starts with the Tech-Air Street Vest, which is pricey, but considering the hardware and software baked into it, and how it can deploy in the instant between the start of a crash and the impact of the rider into the hood of a car, it quickly becomes worth every penny. Plus, an ER visit along will set you back a penny or two.

In short, Tech-Air is about the safest gear you can wear on a motorcycle. Once deployed it covers, shoulders, upper arms and chest, and it wraps around the kidneys too for full torso coverage.

At the heart of the Vest is a standalone viscoelastic CE-Level 2 back protector. But the thing is as thick as a couple of Level 2 standard back protectors combined—and it has to be. Inside is a computer, a gyroscope, three accelerometers, a lithium ion battery and two high-pressure CO2 canisters that fire simultaneously to deploy the vest in approximately 25 milliseconds. 

The Tech-Air Street Vest requires a compatible Tech-Air Street jacket to operate. It cannot be used independently, or hacked to work with your existing jacket. You’ll need 1) a built-in wiring harness in the host jacket. And 2) a Tech-Air certified Street jackets are built with special expansion capabilities. Putting an explosive high-volume airbag device into a jacket not designed for it would be like putting a firecracker in a trashcan. 

The deployment of the vest is managed by an algorithm that Alpinestars has been refining for almost a decade now. It constantly meters date coming from the sensors—sensors so precise they’re never at rets, they’re so sensitive that even if you put the vest on a counter and walk away it’s still constantly reading micro differences in the rotation of the earth and its relative pull of gravity at any moment.


Compared to GPS or Lanyard based devices, the Tech-Air offers a totally independent, wholly effective means of delivering instantaneous (within 25 milliseconds of a front-tire hitting a car door) added protection in the event of an accident. And in the event of a non-accident, it’s uncannily effective and not inadvertently discharging. EG, you forget you’re tethered to your motorcycle and walk away and BOOM. If and when your Tech-Air jacket does deploy, it must be sent to Alpinestar’s U.S. Service Center to be inspected, repacked and recharged.

What Jackets Does it Work With?

Currently there are two jacket options available for the Tech-Air Street system: the Viper, and the Valparaiso.

The Viper Tech-Air is a short-cut mesh jacket, perfect for summer riding. This fully vented jacket comes with CE-rated shoulder and elbow armor and is built specifically to flow air as fast 


The Valparaiso Tech-Air is more of a full-featured, 3-season option, with a 3/4-cut and independently removable zip-out thermal and waterproof liners. With both liners out and the jacket’s sleeve, chest and back vents open, it’s a capable summer option. With some combination of liners in, it’s ready for any cold or wet conditions you can throw at it.