1992-1995: The BMW R100R

The absolute last gasp for road-going, naked, standard Airheads, with the full culmination of 25 years or incremental technological advances, the R100R represents the full evolution from the slash 5 series, 25 years earlier.

Based on the same chassis as the R100GS, this model sees slightly lower suspension travel, a sportier 18” front wheel, improved electronic ignition and an updated dash—yet it still gets the round valve covers of bikes that came 25 years earlier. The classic spoked wheels (now with tubeless tires) are a nice touch too.

But this bike toasts the toaster tank in every other performance metric imaginable. Short of ABS, it has all the bells and whistles an Airhead ever saw. Dual-pot Brembo calipers, floating rotors, paralever suspension, beefy 40mm fork tubes.

This road-going version of its sibling GS platform serves as a great bookend to 25 years of airhead evolution.

Owner: Chris Lesser: 1993 R100R

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