1987-1995: The R100GS

The successor to the supremely successful R80 G/S, and the predecessor to the even more successful modern R1200GS oil-head boxer, this classic long-legged adventure bike version lasted in BMW’s lineup for nearly a decade—and for very good reason.

Besides the 1,000cc engine upgrade, the most notable distinction of this series the linkage-driven rear shock. This so-called Paralever swingarm is longer, and arguably more stable at speed than the monoshock R80 to come before it. Like the R80, it came in a standard version, and an oversized “PD” model with expanded tank capacity—for Paris Dakar.

The bikes also got beefier front fork tubes, better disc brakes, and a handsome redesigned tank with a bigger capacity than the old standard R80 tank.

Owners: Manuel Mainardi/Maglia Rosa: 1988 R100GS; Darren Lew: 1995 R100GS-PD

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