1977-1992: The BMW R100RS

This particular model marked the advent of what is now commonplace in motorsports advertising: bragging about being designed in a wind tunnel. In this case a West German wind tunnel.

Google Image Search “R100RS” today and you’ll get a lot of custom cafe-racer interpretations. Some stunning; many, not as much. Many an RS fairing has been stripped and stuffed into a dumpster—scrapped to clear the canvas for some custom café creation.

And that’s all fine and good, but the original R100RS does deserves some respect. This bike helped define a burgeoning Sport Touring category when it hit dealers showroom floors in 1977. It came with cases, standard, and a low handlebar with ample ground clearance. And it just begged to be ridden fast and far.

As Motorcycle News wrote a few years back: “The top speed of around 125mph was impressive, but it was the ability of the R100RS to maintain a 100mph cruising speed for hours on end that makes it a true classic.

It would later morph from a dual-shock configuration to a mono-shock bike, with iterative upgrades—beefier fork tubes, better rear suspension, better brakes up front and a third Brembo disc brake in the rear from 1978 onward.

The platform was hugely popular for BMW. It sold 33,600 twin-shock models between 1976 and 1984, and another 6,000 after it upgraded it to a Mono Shock from 86-92.

Owners: Billy Joel / 20th Century Cycles: 1977 BMW powder blue R100RS; James Dalton: 1983 dark blue R100RS

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