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The REV’IT! “Opera” Jacket—a Union Garage Exclusive

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Meet the only jacket in existence that can be worn as a viable motorcycle jacket one minute, and walked right into the opera or any high-end restaurant without a second look the next. The Opera jacket is what Don Draper would wear if he needed to haul ass on a Triumph from his Madison Avenue office to his mistress's apartment or some swank Manhattan steak house. Sure, it looks the part as much as any other dapper wool overcoat. But look beneath the surface to see that the Opera comes fully loaded.

We’re proud to be the only shop selling this jacket outside of the European Union, where we hear it’s already sold out. Sorry, Paris, we don’t ship to France just yet. But if you’re in New York City or within the Lower 48 we have Opera jackets in stock now in size Small through XXL—for the ridiculously reasonable price of $359.95. And once they’re gone, they’re gone. So get while the getting is good. In our opinion this is the crown jewel of the company’s new and very successful urban line—which blends casual styling with covert functionality—in this case CE armor at the elbows and shoulders, back-protector ready and a waterproof and breathable Hydtratex Lite membrane. It also has a removable thermal liner for those chilly fall and spring days, but rest assured while the liner is in you won’t need much in the way of layers underneath. A thin wool sweater over a shirt and you’re good to go. Union Garage’s creative czar Matias Corea (below with the blue Ducati) got the very first one from our initial shipment, and boy is he smug about tit.

While the Melville, Gracia, and Brera jackets all do a great job of blending casual styling with real, bona fide motorcycle safety features, the Opera jacket ups the ante to a whole new level.