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Meet The All-New Mohawk Motorcycle Boot

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The new limited-edition Mohawk boots from REV’IT! pack loads of modern protective features into a classic package clad in gloriously thick double- and triple-stitched leather. While they may look like your dad's motorcycle boots, they aren't. And that's a good thing.

Before we get into features let’s get this right out in the open: You don’t even have to squint to see the Mohawk boots look like a direct knockoff of Redwing’s classic 877—the same ones Steve McQueen famously wore on a 1971 cover of Sports Illustrated.

But REV’IT! has done something that Redwing has failed to in the 40-some years it’s been making its boot—it gave the Mohawk some actual motorcycle-specific features—enough so that it gets a CE-Certification. These bullet points include substantial inner and outer ankle armor, reinforced thermoplastic heel and toe cups, and a plush mesh lining that will help keep your foot relatively airy even on swampy summer days. And while its only water-resistant, not fully waterproof—that feature will help keep your feet from getting clammy

The waterproofing specs on this boot are in-line with its intended use: it’s an urban boot equipped with outsized protective features. If you’re going interstate touring and want total protection from the rain, get a GoreTex boot like the ultimate touring boot—the Sidi OnRoad.

Is the original Redwing it’s blatantly based off a good-looking boot? Absolutely it is. Is it a good motorcycle boot? Hell no it isn’t.

Our biggest beef with the Redwing 877 (and the sometimes mindless Steve McQueen worship that seems to so often go along with it) is that besides having no motorcycle specific protective features to speak of, it also has a massive toe-box profile that, depending on how your shifter is oriented, makes the Redwing range from ‘slightly dangerous’ to ‘outright idiotic’ as a choice of footwear for motorcycle use. Note: We’ve got nothing against Steve McQueen, he’s the eternal King of Cool, and All Hail McQueen. But he’s dead. Let the man rest!

And let’s be honest, if McQueen was alive today racing desert sleds he’d be wearing a full-on motocross boot. He used the original Redwing 877 (long before the Americana-obsessed Japanese division of the Minnesota-based bookmaker resurrected it again as part of its heritage series) because it was what was available. It was probably the burliest work boot he could find.

But if McQueen was around in 2014 and looking for a boot for around town, to rack up miles walking in and also be able to jump on a bike and ride without sacrificing protection, then yes, he might just have picked up a pair of Mohawks. Or not. Who cares. Decide for yourself.

In our opinion this is one of the best combinations of real features plus everyday wearability. And the Mohawk Boot is available in limited quantities, so don’t miss out.