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Aviator Moto Goggles from Leon Jeantet

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Back during the Wall Street Crash of 1929, while traders were jumping off of buildings in lower Manhattan, Frenchman Leon Jeantet was busy developing a motoring goggle that would have given those suicidal stockbrokers a crisp, clear, tear-free view of their final plunge.

The Aviator T2 – available in Black or Brown


The leather-backed 4600 Series Aviator Goggles.

During the golden era of biplanes, open-cockpit sports cars and early motorcycling the Aviator goggles hand-made by Leon’s family eyewear company offered the best protection available. Remarkably, the company has been at it ever since, and Leon Jeantet goggles are still some of the highest quality options available. We now stock all three Leon Jeantet Aviator models at the shop. All are made in France and use 100% UV resistant, interchangeable polycarbonate lenses certified to the ANSI Z87.1 safety spec. The modern classic T2 Goggles work perfectly with the new Bullitt retro full-face helmet, and any of the Leon Jeantet Aviator goggles work well with any half- or ¾-helmet. Aviator-T2-Brown-Motorcycle-Goggles-Leon-Jeantet-caferacer-union-garage.jpg034 The modern-classic T2 goggles are the most popular model in the lineup. They offer interchangeable polycarbonate lenses and can accommodate small to mid-sized prescription eyewear. Silicone inside the elastic strap keeps the goggles in place, and chrome trim around the shatter-proof lenses keep things classy. They come in a molded plastic frame with built in ventilation and a great peripheral field of view. Supple leather padding makes an airtight seal on the wearer’s face, and they’ll fit over prescription frames up to 1 5/8 inches tall and width 5.5 inches wide. Available in black or brown. The 4600 series goggles use natural black leather padding to keep dust and wind out of the wearer’s eyes, and come with an entire arsenal of interchangeable lenses—amber for low light or fog; dark smoke for sunny days, and clear for riding night or day. These goggles are handmade in France and require sixty individual production stages before they’re placed into their classic gift box and shipped across the pond. They’re completely rebuildable and come with a padded carrying case. The knurled chrome nose-bridge sports 10 millimeters of adjustment, and ventilation holes punched out on the top and bottom of the frame keep the wearer’s field of view clear and fog free. The 4400 Series goggles use a black natural rubber gasket, a 10mm replaceable elastic headband and come in a durable gunmetal finish. Like the leather-clad 4600 series these rubber-backed goggles have 10mm of nose-bridge adjustment and come with three sets of lenses to adapt to varying weather conditions—plus a padded carrying case for keeping everything sorted everything sorted.


The 4400 Series Goggles with natural rubber gaskets and Chrome Lens – Also available in Brown

Painstakingly hand-crafted by a company that has been around for about a century before the latest café craze, these classic originals are top quality through and through.