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Aether Apparel’s New Moto Jacket

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Aether has earned a reputation for successfully marrying the functional demands of technical outerwear with the design dictates of urban living. Until just recently Aether's product catalog was limited outdoor-oriented sports. But recently the company unveiled a refreshing new take on the motorcycle jacket. It's called the Skyline. And we like it.

This stylish new piece combines the traditional silhouette of a 3/4-cut riding jacket with the weather, abrasion and impact resistance of a modern motorcycle piece. When we heard the jacket was cut from “Japanese Field Nylon” we had our doubts, but Aether was able to supply abrasion test documentation showing this jacket has some true grit. The reassuringly heavy-weight fabric might not take a slide as well as leather, but frankly it feels thicker than any of the urban pieces we’ve seen from the successful REV’IT! lineup, and we’ve had no problem endorsing those for around-town use. Whether for urban commuting or the odd bit of opportunistic adventure riding, the Skyline is legit.

This jacket might be most at home riding in the city, but it doesn’t seem too far out of place as pictured in Aether’s photo shoot ripping it up in Iceland, either. Confidence is boosted by a full complement of D3o armor—shoulder, elbow and back protection—included in the purchase price.

In addition to some smart styling and proven armor inserts, the Skyline also sports some technical features not often found in other motorcycle jackets. Two words: Pit Zips. Long a favorite feature found in technical gear for basically any athletic outdoor endeavor, the Skyline is the only of the two dozen jackets we carry to feature these underarm ventilation features. Coupled with complementary zippered vents discreetly tucked into the jacket’s back panels the Skyline breathes exceptionally well.

We tested the jacket on rides around the city early this spring and found it to almost let in too much air during a few chilly early morning blasts. A winter jacket this is not. Not on its own, anyway. Layer up smartly and it’ll take you into cooler months. But the Skyline will shine best in the shoulder seasons—those in-between Spring and Fall rides when it’s cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. It’ll handle warm weather too, except maybe the dog days of a New York City summer, when traffic and humidity combine to make riding in anything but a dedicated summer jacket like the REV’IT! Tarmac Air all but unbearable—and even then only when lane-splitting down the FDR looking to find some wind in sparse spare pockets of open space.

Technical bonafides aside, there’s also the undeniable fact that this is one damn good-looking jacket. Black never goes out of style but the Discovery Green, Eclipse Blue and Graphite colorways are all pretty classy looking. We’ve got all four colors in stock right now, and a full size run to try on.