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Video: Moto Borgotaro

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Union Garage is pleased to announce a short film that takes a rare look behind the walls of Moto Borgotaro. Yes, we finally convinced Peter Boggia to allow rolling video cameras into his shop. Five of them, to be precise. Plus a sound guy.

We have filmmaker Roberto Serrini to thank for sourcing the arsenal of equipment and a talented crew to run it. And all credit goes to Serrini for diving deep into material research for this project and doing a bang-up job on the edit.

Serrini first came to Moto Borgotaro as a customer five years ago. Boggia was not impressed with the very used BMW R65 that Serrini had recently found in The Bronx. After a quick assessment Boggia was reluctant to work on the bike at all, and when Serrini pressed him to elaborate on why it was running so poorly Boggia put a boot through the bike’s exhaust header, which was rusted out and held together by rotten exhaust wrap. From that point on Boggia was obliged to work on the bike and a mutual trust was built.

This seven-minute short follows the build-out of what Boggia calls his finest work, a recently released Moto Guzzi LeMans dubbed “Apollonia.” In doing so we get some insight into Boggia’s design influence and his deep-seated love for 70s era motorcycles and trashy Italian cinema. And the veteran mechanic’s salty and sincere personality shines through, too.

We hope you enjoy it.