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3 Reasons We’re Lousy Horrible Jerks

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Recently we used this space to explain why we’re skipping this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, and we blew it. The tone of the previous post was not constructive and needlessly snarky. Not long after posting we got plenty of feedback. Some was supportive, much was not. We listened. And we now admit: we f*cked up. Here’s how.

#1 We lost the forest for the trees. We put our own personal reasons in front of the thoughts and motivations of many friends, customers, and the motorcycle riders at large who love doing this event year after year. That was stupid.

#2 We painted ourselves into a big dumb corner. We tried to make a statement about being inclusive. We do strive for a “big tent” approach, and have always invited people in regardless of what kind of bike they ride. But here too, we failed. The aim was to include, instead we alienated.

#3 We took the fun out of it. This is the worst one. The common denominator around here is a passion for motorcycles. Very few people are forced to ride—it’s a conscious choice we all make. Union Garage’s mission as a business and as a contributing member of the motorcycle community is to make riding safer, more comfortable and ultimately more enjoyable. We’re supposed to facilitate fun, but in this case we stepped on it for a lot of people. To anyone we offended we are sincerely sorry.


As previously stated: If you’re signed up for the DGR, hat’s off. If you’re still thinking about joining, you genuinely should. It’s a worthy cause. Here’s the link. We’ve been big boosters of DGR in the past, we’re just not doing it this year. We are not against and never intended to compete with the ride.

Whether you’re joining one of the hundreds of DGR Chapters around the world, going out for a solitary cruise, or riding north to the Catskills, the last point from our original post stands true on its own: Sundays in September are for riding.

Be safe and have fun.

Union Garage