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Tested: REV'IT! Striker Summer Gloves journal image

Tested: REV’IT! Striker Summer Gloves

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We have a dozen different kinds of motorcycle gloves at the store and this season this one has been a pun-intended hands-down favorite.

When it’s 99 degrees and feels like 110, you don’t want to wear anything. And you really shouldn’t even be riding. During the July heat wave there were tales of tires melting and splattering onto fenders and at least a half-dozen leaky Ducati radiator calls next door to Tyler at Moto Pistole.

But even up at those stupid temperatures, the Strikers stay comfortable as long as you can maintain any sort of speed. Granted, momentum maintenance of any kind in New York City is tough. But with just a little wind the fabric between and on top of the fingers of these leather/textile combination gloves lets air in easily.

The entire palm of the glove is made from goatskin, and there are matching leather accents on the top of each finger digit. Goatskin is soft and pliable but tough and durable too. It also has a nice knuckle protector across the top of the hand and a longer cuff than most short gloves, with a big old patch of Velcro to keep it locked down.

The combination with a lightweight textile top makes the Striker ideal for urban riding, touring and off-road.

And for all those times when you’re stuck in traffic or stopped to look up directions, check out the silver threading in the thumb and index finger of each glove. iPhone and any old touchscreen compatible.

Bottom line, this is simply the best performing all-around armored summer glove we have, and at $79.99 it’s a great value too. (Ed Note: On sale through 8/2/13 – 15% Off)