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Seven Ways To Give Winter The Finger

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If you’re planning on riding past the fall, through the winter, or early in the spring before temps start breaking 55, do yourself a solid and get some proper cold-weather motorcycle gloves.

When the temperature drops the feeling in your fingertips is the first thing to go. Even if you have the mental fortitude of Navy SEAL, this kind of discomfort can be distracting and dangerous. And there’s no arguing with physics. Frozen hands means delayed reaction time, and anyone who’s ever had to grab a fistful of brake in a hurry knows that’s bad. But no single glove is ideal for every situation. What works well for chilly in-town errands might be useless for extended stretches on the highway. And a full-blown armored winter gauntlet is probably overkill for local runs.

>> REV’IT! HYBRID WSP; $79.95 // Best For: City Dwellers, 40-60 degrees
Lee_Parks_Design_DeerTours_PCI_Motorcycle_Glove_Union_Garage-250This short glove has a discreet knuckle protector and a soft-shell WindStopper membrane for keeping the cold out, and a supple goatskin palm for a good tactile feel at the bars. Unlike Gore-Tex, Gore’s WindStopper product isn’t waterproof, but it is far more breathable, and therefore works longer into the warmer months. This glove is also offered in a waterproof version called the Carver for $10 more. Both gloves’ touchscreen-friendly fingertips and easy on/off elastic knit cuff make them ideal for getting around the city comfortably. If you’re getting out on the highway much, however, look for something with a security strap.


REV’IT! ZOOM H20; $119.95 // Best For: Hard-core commuters who don’t stop for rain
REVIT-OCEANUS-GTX-MOTORCYCLE-GLOVES-250This insulated gauntlet offers maximum bang-for-the buck without a lot of registered-trademark technology. The glove’s knuckle armor is cleanly integrated directly under the leather shell for a clean, classic look. Underneath the cowhide upper and goatskin palm lies a REV’IT!’s Hydratex Z-Liner, an affordable and effective waterproof/breathable membrane. Although it sports significant insulation the Zoom H2O remains surprisingly flexible and pliable, unlike a lot of other winter glove options which can be bulky and uncomfortable.


>> LEE PARKS DESIGN DEERTOURS PCI; $139.95 // Best For: Chilly cruising, heated grips*
Lee_Parks_Design_DeerTours_PCI_Motorcycle_Glove_Union_Garage-250Improving on our best-selling short-cuff deerskin gloves, these souped-up shorties come equipped with a PCI Outlast phase-change liner, which gives them an ultra-wide temperature range the company claims is good from 35 to 75 degrees. When your hands are cold, the liner acts like insulation and keeps heat in. When your hands get hot, it acts as a heat sink and pulls heat away. Magic? Maybe. We don’t have a lot of warm-weather riding time with these gloves they’re great for fall and winter weather, especially when used with heated grips as the PCI material helps distributes heat around the hand.

REV’IT! OCEANUS GTX; $149.95 // Best For: Off-season touring, Giant Slalom
REVIT-OCEANUS-GTX-MOTORCYCLE-GLOVES-250The all-new Oceanus GTX gloves feature full cowhide construction with a tough and tactile goatskin palm. These gauntlets use dual Velcro straps to keep them securely in place, under or over top of your jacket. They get plenty of reflective trim and termperfoam pads at the knuckle and palm offer flexible, comfortable protection for commuting or light touring duty. For $150 they’re the most affordable Gore-Tex gauntlets in REVIT’s range, but they come with the same money-back, leak-proof guarantee as any of the higher-priced GoreTex gloves.

>> LEE PARKS DESIGN DEERSPORTS; $195.95 // Best For: Fall cruising, slapping scoundrels
Lee_Parks_Design_DeerTours_PCI_Motorcycle_Glove_Union_Garage-250These gauntlets fit securely over or under most any jacket and offer insulated insurance against cold rides. Their PCI Outlast insulation will keep your hands comfortable on any bike from just above freezing up into the 70s at speed, and works particularly well with heated grips. While they’re far from waterproof, these gloves do offer superior tactile feel and abrasion resistance over cowhide, thanks to a 2.75-plus-ounce deerskin palm and a 4-plus-ounce elkskin top. Get them for fall and winter and keep them as a backup for chilly summertime night rides.

>> REV’IT! ALASKA GLOVES; $189.95 // Best For: Serious all-weather touring, bear fights
REVIT-OCEANUS-GTX-MOTORCYCLE-GLOVES-250Most textile Gore-Tex motorcycle gloves look like they should be gripping ski poles, not handlebars. But the Alaska GTX gloves take a different approach with a classic full-leather construction plus modern motorcycle features like armored knuckles and all-important composite sliders at the palm and pinky. Double Velcro closures help keep these Gore-Tex gloves on and water out and a strategic reflective panel on the middle finger makes sure you can safely communicate with distracted drivers, even at night. For the exact same glove minus the winter bulk, check out the REV’IT! Phantom GTX.

Best For: Staying warm no matter what; torture testing your vintage Honda’s wiring harness
Lee_Parks_Design_DeerTours_PCI_Motorcycle_Glove_Union_Garage-250For that critical weather band between freezing and 55 degrees, the winter glove options above will keep you comfortable and in control. But at a certain point keeping your hands warm is simply impossible without heated gear. We now sell universal Oxford premium heated grip kits, which we prefer over the heated glove options currently available, most of which amount to heated ski gear that’s sorely lacking in real motorcycle-specific protective features.


*Note: many insulated gloves on the market will actually insulate hands from the heat coming off of grip. Any of the Lee Parks PCI models, or the REV’IT! Fusion GTX glove all are designed specifically to work with heated grips.