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8 Great No-Compromise Gloves That We Love

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Being the most expensive doesn’t always mean being the best, and vice versa. But we’re going to go ahead and say these eight gloves—which just so happen to be the most expensive options in the store—are, in fact, the best.

Of course, of course: the sub-$100 Lee Parks Design deerskin gloves are our most popular and also among our personal favorites. And we have technical, waterproof, armored gauntlets starting more than $100 less than the top dogs on this list.

But sometimes, it’s nice to have a trump card, and clad your hands in something uncompromising, conditions specific and riddled with features. Do you always need a dual-chamber gauntlet glove equipped with Gore-Tex, Superfabric panels and perforated kangaroo leather? No, but when you do, it sure is nice to have the right tool for the job.



The Held Air n’ Dry glove tops the list for very well deserved reasons. In essence, it’s two gloves in one, thanks to a unique dual-chamber design. Slip your hand into the chamber closest to the palm and you’ll feel your hand swathed in supple perforated Kangaroo skin that will mold to your hand as it breaks in. Slip into the other compartment, and you’re protected from wind and water with an impervious Gore-Tex membrane. Regardless of which way you’re wearing the glove you’re protected with reinforced cowhide along the edge, Superfabric padded slider at the palm, and molded knuckle protectors on top.



The aggressively (and appropriately) named REVIT Taurus glove is quite simply the best cold weather touring glove on the market. Fit for tackling the coldest weather you can imagine—or, say, a polar bear—this overbuilt battle gauntlet is as warm as it is waterproof. Credit for this feat goes to a PrimaLoft Eco liner backed by a Gore-Tex membrane, and a unique shell construction. Click through to find out more.



Affectionately referred to as the Cheater glove, the Gerbing Vanguard offers of nuclear option in the fight to keep your hands warm while riding a motorcycle through cold weather. Pair with a 12-volt jacket or vest or use on its own, this glove smartly harness the 12-volt power supply on your bike to keep you comfortable and in control.



These full-gauntlet DeerSport PCI gloves fit securely with almost any jacket and promise to quickly become the best you’ve ever owned. Constructed from 2.75-plus-ounce deerskin palm with a 4-plus-ounce elkskin backing, DeersSports are more supple, more abrasion-resistant and offer more dexterity than cowhide. For an added measure of safety both the seamless palm and the top knuckle area are treated with an double layer of material. Also available in a summer version for a more manageable $135, these PCI-lined gloves come with an Outlast phase-change material built in as an extra layer. This NASA-born material gives the gloves an ultra-wide temperature range—from 35 to 75 degrees—and work especially well with heated grips.



The all-leather Phantom GTX gloves are ready for long miles, whatever the weather or road throws at you. These gloves are equipped with a dual-comp palm slider plucked directly from the REV’IT! Jerez Moto GP glove, a hard-shell knuckle protector and a full Gore-Tex X-TRAFIT membrane, which provides a best-in-class breathable/waterproof membrane, plus strategically placed adhesive between the glove’s layers for added dexterity. It also has a face-shield wiper built discreetly into the non-throttle-side index finger.



If you’re looking for a great-fitting, fully protective, fully ventilated short-cuff glove for summer, you can stop now because this is it. The REVIT Cayenne Pro is made from supple but still suitably thick goatskin leather, these gloves are built to breath and deliver the tactile feel of a surgical glove—but they’ve got a lot more armor than your average motorcycle glove, with aluminum alloy and thermoplastic top-of-hand protection and palm sliders and a smart strap system to lock the glove down fast and sure.



Most gauntlets on the market are waterproof gloves suited for riding through wet , cold, inhospitable conditions at speed. But they get a mite schweaty in the heat of summer, or certainly while stuck in city traffic. Enter the Airstream II from Held. This glove gets a highly tactile yet super abrasion resistant palm made of perforated Kangaroo leather, plus vented molded knuckle protectors to keep whoever’s hand is in it dry and comfortable.



The Polar GTX glove from Alpinestars is one of the most capably spec’d short-cuff winter riding gloves we’ve seen. Insulated, waterproof, iPhone friendly, it’s got a lot going for it in a deceptively low-profile package that’ll work with any jacket. What’s it for? City commuting in crappy, shoulder season weather. Or street riding or touring in cold and wet early season outings, and again in the fall, before you either put your bike away or pull out heated gear. It’ll even work well for chilly mornings or overnights on summertime road trips. The short cuff means they’ll play nice with a wide range of jackets, and the touchscreen-enabled fingertips will let you operate a phone or GPS without stopping to take a glove off.