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Last-Minute Gift Guide: 30 Products under $100

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Still looking for that perfect, thoughtful, not-at-all-last-minute gift idea? Here are 30 sub-$100 options to choose from. Another commonality: they're all universally loved by any stripe of motorcycle rider.

You use a DOT-helmet to protect your brain, right? Why would you choose not to provide your cherished frosty beverage with the same government compliant protection.. These classic DOT-approved ATGATT Koozies are made out of sturdy 3mm thick neoprene, not that super cheap foam that will only last one outing. $5 apiece or liable to get thrown in for free on a big holiday order.

We just got the latest Sideburn magazine in. It, and plenty of back-issues, are only $10/apiece and make great add-on gifts. Go fast. Turn Left.

Cheers the New Year in style—our pint glass and embossed leather coaster will set you back just $10. (BYOB)

We were going to make one of those super stylish enamel steel mugs, but besides costing $30 apiece, they frankly just suck at being a coffee mug. Behold the mighty diner mug, a tried-and-true way of slurping coffee, and unlike steel mugs it A) won’t burn your hands the instant after you pour piping hot liquid into it and B) won’t then be ice-cold 37 seconds later. Buy before Christmas with a “Desmo Drive” 12-oz coffee bag from Stumptown, and we’ll throw in a couple grab-bag back-issues of Iron and Air, Sideburn or Tank.


This is an easy $15 to justify spending. Your fingers will thank you. These 100-percent silk glove liners deliver precious extra range when riding in cold weather. Simply slip them on and slide into your regular riding gloves and enjoy a boost of warmth without sacrificing dexterity.

For just $35 anyone who owns a motorcycle equipped with a disc brake (thankfully most of them) will appreciate getting this tiny but powerful little Kryptonite lock as a gift. It’s our best-selling by far, comes with two coded keys and an essential reminder strap, which serves as a good visual deterrent costs a hell of a lot less than a replacement disc if you don’t remember to take the lock off before you get going.


Quad Lock is an Australian start-up company that has developed an ingenious way to mount your phone onto your handlebars. It also offers a range of accessories that work with its phone cases. See our Quad Lock Brand Page for an overview of all company’s geeky gadgets.


These uber utilitarian RAM Mounts offer the ultimate modular mounting solution. They present about a half-dozen ways to mount a phone or GPS device to any conceivable motorcycle cockpit layout. They also make a sweet gimbal cup holder for use on the bike, in the car, or, let’s be honest, on the riding lawnmower. Plus, they’ll now work with our new favorite phone mount – the Hondo Garage Perfect Squeeze.

The Juno collar is easily the best $20 you can spend to stay warm when the weather goes south. It helps provide a valuable layer of insulation, and also keeps icy cold air from going down the gap between your helmet and your jacket.

10-cablekit If you’ve ever had to sit on the side of the road waiting for a rescue because of a stupid snapped cable, this Emergency Cable Repair Kit needs no further explanation. If you’ve never been stranded, buy this kit for $18 of ride-saving insurance.


There are a million options for disposable earplugs out there. And some swear by them. This, though, is a smarter solution. Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands to be motorcycle specific—from the same folks that invented the indispensable Pinlock fog-free shield—these Pinlock earplugs are reusable, cleanable, and offered in two sizes for a perfect fit. More importantly they’re equipped with smart filters to drown out the drone helmet and bike noise without compromising your ability to hear your SENA Bluetooth, or, say, sirens.

Support your independent motorcycle gear outfitter and look good doing it. Win, win. Our 5-panel hat is uber hip and both the hat and label are soured locally. The Trucker we sourced from Vietnam, because its got the best fit and structure of all the examples we could find. See more here.

This brilliant little compact tire plug kit is entirely self-contained, with a push-on silicone end-cap that seals and stores spare repair plugs and other accessories inside the handle. Dynaplug contends that most punctures from errant nails or screws usually are sized up to about 3/16” in diameter, or smaller, and that’s the range where this tool is meant to shine. Plug and play.

This nerdy book could save your life. Now in a second edition, “Total Control” is an easy gift idea for any motorcycle rider you have a vested interest in, well, not dying. Motorcycles are dangerous and most riders haven’t had a lick of instruction since they passed their licensing test. Reading this book will make you a better rider. Get it for yourself or someone you love, It’s about the best $30 you can spend.

We now carry sheepskin-covered soft ties and this Canyon Dancer bar harness—both brilliant solutions to helping tie a bike down in the back of a truck, on a trailer, or on a workbench. We also have some premium US-made standard tie-down straps that are great for quickly cinching down any motorcycle for transport.  Shop all our tie-downs.

We teamed up with Chapman MFG in Durham, Connecticut, to produce this nifty little  bit kit packet with an essential array of options for any metric motorcycle. $25-45 depending on configuration.

This handy zippered tool pouch comes with a smart complement of hand tools to help administer basic mechanical duties on any motorcycle. At just under 8 inches long, this zippered pouch will stow away under the seat of almost any bike, or in the bottom of a backpack or pannier Use it for installing farkels, swapping batteries, snugging up loose controls and (with the requisite addition of some bailing wire, duct and electrical tape) it provides a great head start for MacGyvering your way through a range of routine and roadside repairs.


Because you can never have enough motorcycle t-shirts.


Say hello to the Omni-Cruise, and say goodbye to cramped throttle hands and the inability to scratch your nose with your right hand while riding. Seriously, this thing is super well made and adapts to any bike. A Delrin plate on the underside resists marring on your brake lever and it’s as easy as throttling down to disengage. This $45 accessory will provide a lifetime of satisfaction.


Don’t now what to get? Cash is tacky. A Union Garage gift card for stylish, potentially life-saving gear? Now that’s thoughtful! And if you’re just arriving at this thoughtfulness without enough time to account for shipping, we can email you a printable PDF of these gift cards that you can print on any standard 8.5×11 sheet of printer paper, fold twice, and present as a card.


The Maximus WSP balaclava incorporates an extra-large, water-repellent Gore Windstopper chest panel with a moisture-managing upper face mask. Toasty, wind-blocking – this thing delivers.

The true credit for this rad retro illustration belongs to whatever ad agency BMW hired when they launched their groundbreaking /5 series circa 1970. These sweatshirts are printed on American Apparel fleecey stock hoodies. Made in California, printed in Brooklyn, thin-but-cozy and perfect for slipping under properly snug-fitting motorcycle jacket. Also available in a T-shirt version


Biltwell designed its Rover Bag to give those with custom-painted helmets a protective place to store and transport their cherished skid lids. But it’s really a stripped-down suitcase that’s perfect for going anywhere and hauling anything—gym gear, swim gear, party supplies—ahem, bowling ball??—you name it. Construction and styling inspired by the retro-chic carry-ons Pan-Am pilots and ‘70s F1 drivers used for weekend getaways to Cabo and Waikiki.


If you live in NYC and want a sneaky way to avoid parking tickets with relatively reliability, you should look into a Platepuller. This $60 accessory (made in New York) stands a good chance of falbbergasting parking police elsewhere in the country, too. Plus it’s just a nice way to secure your plate.


27-airshot The MotoPumps Air Shot Inflator is the smallest, full performance 12-volt inflator on the market. Powered by your bike’s 12v battery, drawing less than 5 amps, weighing in under a pound, and fitting easily in the palm of your hand, it is convenient to pack along and ready any time you are.


Meet the Perfect Squeeze, a minimalist design made specifically for the rigors of riding a motorcycle off-road at full tilt. And if it can survive washboard dirt roads on a burly adventure bike at speed, it’ll handle most any on-road/off-road combination of conditions you can throw at it. But for all that muscle the Perfect squeeze remains uber minimalist, taking up very little room on the handlebar with a diminutive size that belies its brute force clamp strength.


This budget-priced glove punches way above its weight class. Priced under the $100 mark the Apex is one of the most affordable gloves we stock. But in terms of features it is no entry-level slouch. If you’re looking for a versatile waterproof, protective gauntlet for spring, fall, and even light summer use, look no further.


The Gyde by Gerbing 12V Wireless Dual Temp Controller frees you up to keep your hands on the bars and your eyes on the road. It can be operated at the interface, or via the wireless module you can mount to your bars or stow in a pocket. Of course it does you no good w/out a heated jacket liner or gloves, but there’s never been a better time to get a heated gear setup. Crank up the heat and stop suffering already.


No Union Garage gift guide is complete without these stalwart best-sellers and all-around shop favorite. The DeerTours from Lee Parks Design offer superb tactile feel and response without sacrificing safety. Soft-but-tough New York deerskin provides excellent abrasion resistant properties and these beauties break in to feel like surgical gloves. At a standard retail price of $95 they’re several times as expensive as stand-in hardware store work gloves, but they’re several times better to back it up.


We collaborated with UK illustrator Ryan Quickfall on a custom series of 9 original prints, which we are selling as signed, limited edition copies. We offer them either as a rolled-up 14×20 silk screen print, or now as a framed, ready-to-hang-on-the-wall option. Email now to take advantage of a 3-for-$100 option (unframed), including free shipping.