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7 Gloves for Shitty Weather

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“Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody seems to be doing anything about it!” — Wise old man at the local hardware store.... It’s been a weird spring. Do something about it. These 7 gloves will give you a fighting chance at getting through this cold, wet spring season.

Alpinestars Apex DS $89
The Apex glove from A* offers a simple, seam-sealed waterproof glove with a minimalist tricot liner for added comfort. Decent knuckle protection, a double-strap to lock it down, and very little left to complain about for the entry-level price tag.


REVIT Crater WSP $89
This glove creates a bit of confusion in the store with its big Gore-Tex brand swing tag. No, it’s not waterproof. Instead it features another Gore-Tex technology—WindStoP. So they’re warm, and they’re water-resistant without being fully Gore-Tex certified “waterproof.” The knit cuff is a nice touch, as is the silver threading at the fingertip and thumb to aid in checking email at the stop light, or waking the phone up to get directions without needing to take the gloves off. This discreet gray urban option does indeed help cut the wind, and a goatskin palm provides good tactile feedback. It’s ideal for commuters or city dwellers looking for an easy-on/easy-off short-cuff solution that flies under the radar.


Alpinestars Corozal DS $110
This is a great option for getting out and enjoying the sometimes-cold, often-wet, and quite-likely sloppy conditions that come with spring or fall riding. It’s got some light insulation, a waterproof liner, a goes-with-any-jacket short cuff design—and it works with your phone. And bang-for the buck, it’s pretty hard to beat. What more could you want? Plus, now that the Alpinestars Polar GTX is out of production (still a couple pairs left, on sale), this is the shitty-weather short-cuff standard bearer from A*.


REVIT Summit 2, $149
Every rider should have at least two pairs of gloves in their closet—a pair of shorties that’ll breathe well and serve every-day-duty, and a waterproof gauntlet, for longer trips and shoulder-season rides, or to simply pack along on Sunday rides, just in case the skies open up. The Summitt 2 gloves from REVIT have a super comfortable knuckle guard, a trick gauntlet cinch strap, a waterproof membrane and yes, they’re touchscreen-compatible. (They’re also available in an insulated version called the Stratos)


Alpinestars Equinox with OUTDRY, $149
Primaloft coziness on the inside, heat-bonded “OUTDRY” waterproof technology on the outside—these are some of the best gloves we’ve ever had for giving winter the finger. While some waterproof motorcycle gloves rely on an inner membrane to stay dry these Equinox gloves will shed water like a greased duck. Throw in ample reflectivity baked into the design, a sturdy knuckle protector and touchscreen compatible fingertips, and say goodbye to cold and wet hands.


Knox Covert, $159
The waterproof Covert glove from Knox combines a fully functional foul-weather glove with plenty of performance and protection. Using the same OUTDRY “off a duck’s back” waterproofing as the Alpinstars Equinox (above), Knox puts its own spin on the concept by employing its patented double-scaffold palm slider (the what? See the video.)


Highway 21 7V Heated Glove, $188
The nuclear option. A warm and waterproof glove in its own right, the Radiant 7-volt glove goes into overdrive when you plug in the included lightweight lithium ion batteries and crank the heat. These things absolutely crush shitty spring and frigid fall weather. There are plenty of heated gloves out there, but this is the only model we’ve found with full leather construction + a hard knuckle armor + easy-to-use power switch that toggles on finger-saving power. The batteries tuck neatly into a Velcro pouch in the gauntlet, and the gloves are probably warmer than what most riders own even without plugging them in.