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Norton Commando Bike Show & Belstaff Pop-Up

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Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 20, when we’ll be marking the start of two special, simultaneous events at Union Garage.

First up: a motorcycle retrospective featuring a comprehensive collection of original Norton Commando motorcycles, assembled on the occasion of the marquee’s 50th anniversary.

Kenny Cumming workshop is a treasure trove of Nortons. Photo: Peter Domorak

Kenny Cummings’ NYC Norton workshop is a hive of Commandos. Photo: Peter Domorak

This show is coming together thanks to support from Belstaff; thanks to the generosity of the motorcycles’ respective owners; and thanks to help curating and shaping the lineup from NYC Norton, a leading authority on the preservation and maintenance (and racing) of these fine old machines. And come October 20th we’ll have original examples of each major Commando sub-model to come out of the factory.

We are also happy to christen an all-new Belstaff Pop-Up Shop. Located in a standalone storefront right next door to Union Garage in Brooklyn, this special product showcase will run for a full three weeks.

A rendering of the Pop-Up shop that officially opens on October 20

A rendering of the Pop-Up shop that officially opens on October 20

Belstaff’s latest collection of motorcycle apparel represents the brand’s best product offering we’ve seen to date—which, considering it’s been in continuous operation since 1924, is really saying something.

And if all that’s not British enough for you, we are starting the show off Saturday at noon with bang—and bangers and mash. Curbside catering is being provided by Chip Shop, our favorite local British pub, and owners their own piece of brilliant engineering—a righteous Reliant Robin.




UPDATE: See the full video recap of the Norton Show HERE, and link from there to the 360-degree interactive bike show.