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Demo Days with Janus Motorcycles

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We're hosting the Janus Motorcycles crew for free demo rides Friday and Saturday May 13-14. Come check out the bikes, meet the founders, and take a ride on a 250cc production bike built in Goshen, Indiana.

Janus uses a tried and true off-the-shelf 250cc motor, and everything else it makes in its own facility or locally outsources. It has two models – the Halcyon 250 hardtail, which harkens all the way back to motorcycling’s 1920′s golden age; and the Phoenix 250, a twin-shock throwback with slightly (just slightly) more modern aesthetic.

Both bikes use a leading link front end and modern disk brakes.

Is a 250cc motorcycle that looks like it came out of the history books (both aesthetically and performance wise) going to be for everyone? Absolutely not.

But is it pretty cool that a young new company is going for it and making a soup-to-nuts motorcycle out of their Indiana factory? We think so. The finish work looks to be on point and we’re interested to see the bikes when they show up later in the week.

Come meet the founders of the company and take one of the bikes around the block. It might surprise you. Both of the company’s new production bikes will be at the store starting Friday at noon through closing at 7PM. They’ll also be around on Saturday from 10-3PM. Bring a valid driver’s license with a current motorcycle endorsement. And be ready to sign waivers.

The Janus Halcyon 250cc Hardtail

black Phoenix

The Janus Phoenix 250cc