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The Dainese Settantadue Pop-Up

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With its new Settantadue collection, Dainese slows it down a little, and goes back to its roots.   We’re excited to offer an exclusive chance to see the entire collection in one place—seven all-new jackets with classic 70’s styling, but built to modern safety standards.  

Settantadue is Italian for “72.” Fun to say, hard to spell, it’s a reference to 1972—the year Lino Dainese founded a company to make leather riding pants for himself and his friends.

From humble beginnings the company has built a legacy through making race leathers and performance protective equipment festooned with its trademark Demon logo.

With the new D72 line, Dainese has managed to subdue it’s normally over-the-top branding without losing any of its shameless Italian swagger.

Aesthetic aside, the details of this line hold up. Aramid fiber stitching in all the gloves, old-school mechanically perforated leather paneling, flexible and protective Pro-Armor inserts included in all the jackets.

Speed, Safety, Style. The Settantadue collection checks all three.


Dainese-72-Techno-Leather-Motorcycle-Gloves-1000-01 Dainese-Prima-72-Leather-Armored-Motorcycle-Jacket-1000-02 Dainese-Nera-72-Perforated-Leather-Armored-Motorcycle-Jacket-1000-01 Dainese-Nera-72-Perforated-Leather-Armored-Motorcycle-Jacket-1000-02 Dainese-Toga-72-Perforated-Leather-Armored-Motorcycle-Jacket-1000-03 Dainese-Toga-72-Perforated-Leather-Armored-Motorcycle-Jacket-1000-02 Dainese-Chiodo-72-Leather-Armored-Motorcycle-Jacket-1000-02 1000-2 1000-1 Dainese-Freccia-72-Perforated-Leather-Armored-Motorcycle-Jacket-1000-02 Dainese-Freccia-72-Perforated-Leather-Armored-Motorcycle-Jacket-1000-03 Dainese-Freccia-72-Perforated-Leather-Armored-Motorcycle-Jacket-1000-01


Shop the entire collection now at the webstore.